Upcoming Events

We regularly hold free information evenings on a variety of relevant subjects. Keep checking back here to find out when the next evening will be and the subject matter to be discussed.

ES&A regularly hold events on many subjects our clients find very useful. We have a variety of specialised speakers who are experts in their fields who are happy to share advice and experience. Our events are free and include a light supper. Bookings are essential as we have limited seating.

Guide to investing for Retirement

Wednesday, 6 July 2022 - 5:00pm to 8:30pm
If you stopped working today, at age 60, you will likely be retired for over 24 years according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
The decision to stop work, live from your life’s savings and super, and try to maintain a reasonable standard of living will be the biggest single financial decision you will ever make.  How does the average Investor navigate through this volatility when they need to live from their investments? 
How can you fund your Retirement & keep pace with the relentless rise in the cost of living whilst protecting your nest egg? 
Who’d attempt to invest right now without some expert advice?  Where do you start?
You get informed by educating yourself and seeking advice from experienced professionals. When you are dealing with a family company like ours that has been helping people with their retirement for more than 30 years, you find yourself in capable hands. No matter what you do… we ‘get’ you. Our clients range from retired business people to retirees who are reliant on Centrelink.
On Wednesday, 6th July at 6:00pm, ES&A Financial Services are hosting a forum to start the conversation on your retirement planning.  
Our workshops include refreshments on arrival and a fantastic supper at half time. 
We love questions and interaction from our audience and try to keep the presentation interesting and not too heavy on the technical details that you can Google yourself.  Let's stick to sharing the important stuff.